Every TELEPATH Communications Voice Over IP system comes with so many features, you’ll be amazed!


Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

3-Way Caller Conference

Call Hold

Do Not Disturb

Call Transfer


Advanced Features that are also included…

  • “Follow Me”: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.
  • Call Parking: Park your calls so others can pick them up
  • Set Caller ID: Chose any number in your system to be the outbound Caller ID
  • Block Caller ID: Block your Caller ID on outbound calls
  • Dial-by-name Directory: Make your employees and departments easy to get to
  • Visual Waiting Indicator: Works with your IP phone’s message indicator light.
  • Call Switch: Seamlessly transfer your calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the-go.
  • Enhanced 911 Feature: Transmits your location to Emergency Services when you call 911.
  • Softphone Support: Compatible with many popular softphones.
  • Voicemail to Email: Your messages are emailed to you
  • Voicemail Alert: Get a text alert when someone leaves you a message
  • Remote Access: Lets you check your voicemail through web interface.
  • Multiple Mail folders: Provides the ability to organize and save old voice mails.
  • Unified Inbox: Access and manage all messages (voice, fax and email) from your
    existing email inbox.
  • Schedules: Automatically go into after-hours message
  • Holiday: Set a unique holiday message for callers
  • Day and Night Mode Schedule: Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week.